An Immoral Erotic Parable...

- Written By D.H.Chewins

What if the First Man Adam is black?

     When God The Maker cracks a joke, we have explosive interracial sex exploits that make Fifty Shades look tame.

     Is it the one life choice of Katheryn Kellington—a well-bred, well-schooled southern belle—to pursue in college a study of African history that leads to her corruption and taboo interracial lust?

     The inevitable sexual combat is so intense and satisfying that God in his Great Creation mindset, declared "it's good."


Read the sequel—Lust2Lovel—for the continuation of Katheryn's interracial saga. See what naughty mischief she has dreamt up. How she gets her parents involved in her mess.


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  • Chewins’s publishing debut. Naughty! His writing style is fluid. The manner in which the author approaches’ privates’ scale is funny and an intricate part of the story. Yes, the book is pornographic, but the manner in which Chewins writes makes it entertaining. ★★★★

  • In his work, the author has clearly set out to grab the reader from the Prologue. This is exactly what this book has done to me. Once I had started reading, I couldn’t put the book down for 3 days until I’ve read it cover to cover.


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How I came to write the #1 Best Seller “An Immoral Erotic Parable”?

25 Feb 21

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