An Immoral Erotic Parable...

    By D.H. Chewins
    "Adam & Eve" follows Katheryn Kellington as she explores African history and American slavery, connecting with Massai Mobuku, her African Adam. Their fiery connection surpasses Fifty Shades, creating a vivid depiction of raw love. As Katheryn delves into the mysteries of interracial love, an enigmatic ad adds intrigue. Each revelation in her journey offers fresh insights, leaving readers hooked. 
    "Love or Lust" follows Katheryn, returning to Atlanta after that tumultuous experience with Massai. Aged 39, she's torn between marital ties and desire. This standalone tale explores her ventures into the taboo, impacting her family, and continues the narrative from the #1 Best Seller, "American Eve & African Adam." 
    One night in Shivers Lake, a black stranger's arrival lures a neglected white waitress, Dorine, into a dance of forbidden desires. Engaging in a web of lies, she explores new realms of ecstasy with pornstar Derrick, unaware of the lurking threat from diner proprietor and Klansman, Danny. Unravel this intricate web of desire and deceit in this titillating tale.


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  • Chewins’s publishing debut. Naughty! His writing style is fluid. The manner in which the author approaches’ privates’ scale is funny and an intricate part of the story. Yes, the book is pornographic, but the manner in which Chewins writes makes it entertaining. ★★★★

  • In his work, the author has clearly set out to grab the reader from the Prologue. This is exactly what this book has done to me. Once I had started reading, I couldn’t put the book down for 3 days until I’ve read it cover to cover.


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